Christiana Tudor

Passionate about concept architecture and visualization techniques, Christiana began specializing in Scenography and Cinematic Space Development since starting Architecture School. She finalized her studies in Austria, after being awarded a scholarship to TU Wien. She later went to work for two household names in Vienna: Architects Collective and Coop Himmelb(l)au. After the years spent in Vienna, she came back home to work at one of Eastern Europe’s top studios: Tegmark. 

In 2016, met Nicoleta and they decided to open their own studio: GRAPHROOT. Their different background but common vision and values helped position the studio as a high-end provider. Since 2017 she has been in charge of the artistic direction and the company’s growing team of CG Artists. 

The studio’s first-year anniversary was marked by the CG Architect 3D Awards Nomination. In less than two years, the studio worked on showcasing projects for leading architecture practices from Europe, Australia, the US and Dubai. 

Christiana is leading the R&D for WireFame – an optimization process tool for the CG Industry.

Nicoleta Ivascu

Nicoleta started off as a creative in Advertising. Spent her first years in the industry in competition and pitching teams. Was part of the national teams for several international festivals, like Cannes Lions. 

Passionate about problem-solving and consumer behavior, she went on to work as a strategic planner and developed her skills at practices like JWT and Leo Burnett. After spending some time in strategic marketing at multinationals she became interested in how the creative industries are creating shared value for all the actors in their ecosystem and continued her studies with a Master of Research in Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Emerging Industries.

Become a national finalist at KPMG’s International Business Case Challenge 2015 with a paper forecasting and analyzing the development of CG Industry in Manufacturing and Construction. She met Christiana while working on development design impact assessments for large scale projects. Together, they decided to start GRAPHROOT – a studio focused on visual strategy.

The studio’s first year anniversary was marked by the CG Architect 3D Awards Nomination. In less than two years, the studio worked on showcasing projects for leading architecture practices from Europe, Australia, the US, and Dubai.

Nicoleta is part of a multi-disciplinary team developing WireFame, a tech start-up focused on optimizing and automating the
business process and client workflow.

Ash thorp

Ash Thorp originally gained recognition in the feature film industry for his UI graphics in “Ender’s Game” and “Total Recall.”  Since that success, he expanded his business to start his own studio called ALTCreative, Inc., and added the creative roles ofconcept/digital artist, illustrator, photographer, animator, creative director, and director to his inspiring portfolio.  Ash even specializes in vehicle concepts and design, where he was most recently acclaimed for designing a new rally race car debuted by Ken Block in the Cossie World Tour.  His client list is astounding and encompasses a wide range of industries, and yet, Ash still manages to find time to create innovative passion projects like “Epoch” and “Edifice,” while also giving back to the creative community through hosting “The Collective Podcast.”  

lucia frascerra

Lucia Frascerra is an architectural visualizer, born in Livorno (Italy) in 1988.
From childhood, it became immediately evident that her passion for art and drawing would take her to attend art school, resulting in her graduation with honours from the University of Florence, faculty of Architecture.
Her interest in architectural design goes parallel with another more overwhelming passion, computer graphics for architecture.
After graduation she decided to undertake a career as a 3D Visualizer, motivating her to complete the “Virtual Architecture Master” at the Italian Academy of Computer Graphics INRENDER, which will open her doors to the world of architectural visualization.
At the end of her studies, she became Post Production teacher at the INRENDER Academy, whilst working as a freelancer.
In 2015 she moved to London to join DBOX, one of the most influent studios in the industry, where she worked until early 2018.
At the beginning of 2018, Lucia left DBOX and joined Cityscape Digital.
Her personal work was nominated in the CGArchitect’s 3D Awards 2015 (“Snow in the City”), gained a 1st Award in the Evermotion Challenge 2015 (“Tea Time”), a Honorable Mention in the Project Soane Competition 2016 (“The Bank”) and was featured in two publications of 3D Artist Italia Magazine (“Snow in the city” and “Tea Time”).
In 2016 Lucia was keynote speaker at the Architectural Visualization Day 2016 in Goteborg, Sweden, and she was chosen to be on the judging board of the CG Architect’s 3D Awards for the years 2016 and 2017, together with some of the most prominent representatives of the industry.
In the same year, she was offered to be post-production teacher at the Master in Digital Architecture (MADI) at the University of Venice (IUAV), and keynote speaker at the UY!CG conference 2018 in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Today Lucia works in London for Cityscape Digital as Senior Visualisation Artist. 


Patrick Vogel is a multidimensional designer. He started his career with studying architecture and design at the baltic sea side in Wismar, Germany. At this time, he focused on parametric design and wrote the first german book about Rhinoceros and Grasshopper in terms of architecture and formfinding. After his master degree, he worked as head of digital architecture at Störmer, Murphy and Partners in the city center of Hamburg. After that, one year as brand architect at Mutabor Design. Being employed was not his thing, so he decided to found ALTSHIFT with his interior designer wife Tanja and to do what they love: Everything. From architectural visualization to interior- or corporate design. From super boring to fancy and weird. End of story? Hopefully not!

Tanja Nikolić- Vogel

Tanja Nikolić-Vogel was born and raised in Hamburg in the north of Germany. Her digital life changed with her studies. Why? Actually she got her first computer with the age of 19. Hanging out with friends was just way more interesting than this nerdy stuff behind a monitor. And until now there is a huge antipathy between her and social networks… So fortunately there is Patrick – happy to fight in the front of our office and taking care of all the nerdy sh**. Good cop – bad cop. Thanks to her Interior Designer career – handling design, construction companies, building sites and a lot of excel charts juggling time and money – the bad cop seems like a suiting character. So this is her job beside doing 3D and all this boring, fancy & weird things they do.

cornelius dämmrich

Cornelius Dämmrich was born behind the Berlin Wall in 1989, surrounded by US troops – guarded by Erich. He took his first steps into “digital-something” when he was 6 years old – he drew a naked homunculus with a machine gun, exploding planes and then there was this incredible long period where he painted the sinking Titanic in MS Paint, over and over again.

Long before he became a serious computer-art-creating PC user, he went to design school, then to college and after years of freelancing he landed a position at Elastique in Cologne, Germany. He loves long walks around tiny ponds, in areas with wild animals, because he is a wild animal himself.


I’m Saeed Amiri 31 years old born in Tehran/Iran and graduated in architecture. I’ve worked in the architectural visualization field for more than 7 years now and I have had the opportunity to work with famous and talented architects in several projects as a freelancer or full-time fellow. in 2018 I joined Sooii GmbH one of the CGI leading companies in Germany as a Designer/3D Artist. Since then we have done several projects for big companies such as ABB, interlübke, BEGA etc. Beside my professional job, I have been doing a lot of personal projects such as CGI, Photography, Videography, 3dscan etc. I really love what I do and I can’t imagine myself do another job.

Christopher Worsfold

Christopher Worsfold has over 15 years’ experience in the world of Architectural Visualisation – with the last 7 and a half years being at Binyan Studios.

Today Binyan strive to be thinkers, story tellers and leaders in immersive architectural imagery and film.

Over the past 7 years Chris has been instrumental in turning Binyan from a small start up to a leading international studio of 100+ team members, working on projects all over the globe.

Having held several senior roles within the company such as Creative Director – on the shop floor – and now Director – establishing the Binyan brand Internationally.

Chris’s focus centres on creating new creative opportunities for the Binyan team.

Nurturing and helping establish such an amazing studio of creative geniuses from all corners of the globe has been the most exhilarating experience of my life.

Realising that every person that comes to work each day is a small piece of the puzzle – and if one piece is missing then the puzzle is never complete.

Chris gets his greatest satisfaction walking round the studio and seeing people grow/hone and develop their skills and craft. Be it Modellers, project managers or artists – growth is what gets me truly excited. The happiness as a leader when your staff become better then you at any given task – means that the company is on the right track.


Andrei Dolnikov is an Interior Architect and Founder of BINYAN – a leading Architectural 3D Rendering & Animation Studio specialising in the creation of bespoke, considered and memorable architectural films & images. 

He started the business in his Sydney living room after working as a visualiser in the U.S. and has since guided Binyan to its place as a leader in the field. The team of app 100  artists and producers is currently working on projects all over the globe from its 4 studios in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and New York. 

Binyan is focused on driving the Arch Viz Industry into the next phase of its development by engaging with the wider educational and artist community to bring our industry to greater recognition. Collaboration has always been a key Binyan trait and Andrei has built a team of world-class artists who work together to bring originality and sophistication to their clients’ projects.

 Andrei is passionate about giving back to the community and is a Rabbi in his local synagogue – he lives in Melbourne with his wife and four beautiful children… and his vespa scooter.

Csaba Bánáti

Csaba was born into a tower block of the socialist Hungarian People’s Republic in the mid 80s. In his early years he showed a mild interest in drawing. Around the age of 4 when he became a full-time wearer of glasses his destiny was sealed – he had to be an artist – or an engineer.

First he thought engineering is the way to go, so he attended in a high-school specialized in maths and physics. By the time he got to graduate, he began to have doubts and felt the call of ART. So he continued his studies in a university where he could use his counting abilities but also got to draw a little.

Countless years passed before he got a masters in architecture/engineering. Then he threw all those years in the trash and started his professional career as an illustrator at ZOA. After a phenomenal year of working and making friends for life there he joined Brick to get to know more nice people!

Then summers in Hungary became so hot that – when he got his job application accepted at MIR – he fled to Bergen, Norway. Since then he has been there. By day he works as a regular employee but by night he seeks the meaning of life through his super secret passion projects!

Mystery 3d graphics expert

The Best Company

He/she/they is/are a master of the sublime, a purveyor of the perfect, and a friend of cats. He/she/they will be announced soon and your world will be rocked.