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How to Enter

Follow these steps and get your creative juices flowing.


Watch the announcement video and read the info and rules below.


Download the files provided by


Create a kickass image.


Submit your image by the end of day June 15, 2021 23:59 CEST (UTC+2) and relax with the satisfaction of a job well done.


Post your image in the D2 Community FB Group or on Instagram with #tmrwchallenge and #d2challenge.


Join us for the live judging stream on June 17, 2021 at 17:00 CEST (UTC+2)

info and Rules

Welcome to the Tomorrow Challenge 2021 – The First Settlement.


You are part of crew that just landed on Mars. The objective is not only to survive, but to build a new home where people can thrive. It is not an easy task; the environment is far more extreme than anything on earth. You need to do what humans always done when faced with the impossible – start to innovate.

We challenge you to visualize a habitat on Mars where the new chapter of humankind
will be written. Remember, it is far from home so the settlement must include all the necessary infrastructure and functions in order to be self-sustaining. Transportation, living quarters, energy sources, farming, etc. 

This is an opportunity to start fresh and build a new and better future for humanity.


We have provided you with a survival kit. The most basic stuff for survival. Use it however you want. You can download it here:


Do not forget to join our D2 Community Facebook Group to share your challenge related work with the rest of community prior to the live judging. 

If you have any problems or questions, please email us.

The winner will be chosen by the jury during a live stream deliberation on June 17, 2021, at 17:00 CEST (UTC+2).

Personal data collected via the submission form will be used for purposes of correspondence for the TMRW Challenge. Tomorrow AB will also have access to this personal information and may use it for contacting a specific artist or artists for the purpose of recruiting new talent. Bürowhat OG and Tomorrow AB will not share this personal information with any other third party. If you would like to sign up for the D2 Newsletter, please check the appropriate box in the Challenge Submission form, or sign up here.

Most importantly, have fun, and we cannot wait to see what you come up with! 

– Create an image or images on the theme “The First Settlement on Mars”.
– Exterior and/or interior images are allowed.
– Using of the models provided by Tomorrow is encouraged, but not required. 
– Multiple submissions are both allowed and encouraged. However, only one submission per entrant can be chosen as finalist to be featured on the live judging show.
– Team submissions are allowed. During submission please note which tasks each team member contributed.
– Submission in JPG format with a maximum file size of 10MB and a minimum 2000px on the longest side. (winners may be asked to provide higher resolution files or other formats)
– Post your image in the D2 Community Group or on Instagram with the tag #tmrwchallenge and #d2challenge.
– Deadline for submission is by 23:59 on June 15, 2021, at CEST (UTC+2).
– Entries MUST be submitted via the Google Form linked here.

1st / 2nd / 3rd places – One-year subscription to 3ds Max

The Tomorrow team may select and invite specific entrants who show unique talent for a job interview.

1st place – six-month subscription to Cinema 4D / 2nd place – three-month subscription to Cinema 4D / 3rd place – three-month subscription to Cinema 4D

Humano 3d
1st place – 3 Collections of 20x 3d people / 2nd place – 2 Collections of 20x 3d people / 3rd place – 1 Collection of 20x 3d people

1st place – choice of 1000 cutouts or images / 2nd place – choice of 500 cutouts or images / 3rd place – choice of 250 cutouts or images

1st /2nd / 3rd places – One year subscription for the Foundation Bundle (1 Scene Manager + 1 Post Manager + 3 Render Manager licences)

1st place – Three (3) collections of your choice from the Evermotion shop / 2nd place – Two (2) collections of your choice / 3rd place – One (1) collection of your choice

1st place – 100 free image downloads / 2nd place – 75 free image downloads / 3rd place – 50 free image downloads

SiNi Software 
1st place – one year All Access subscription / 2nd place – one year Ignite subscription / 3rd place – one year Ignite subscription

By taking part in the challenge, the entrant(s) agree to abide by the rules set forth here as well as allow the organizer, Bürowhat OG, to collect personal information for use during this challenge. 

The organizer has final say on the disqualification of entries due to non-compliance with the rules or in the case of obscene, violent, profane, or otherwise insensitive imagery. Disqualifications are at the discretion of the organizer and decisions are final.

The use of copyrighted material not belonging to the entrant in a submission will be grounds for immediate disqualification upon discovery, including after the challenge has concluded. Adherence to copyright laws is the sole responsibility of the entrant(s).

Eligibility for this challenge is void where prohibited. 

The judging of this challenge is determined by a panel of judges during a live streamed YouTube video. The decisions of the judges is final and cannot be appealed. By entering the challenge, you agree to accept the results of the live judging panel.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 places determined by the live judging panel. If, after the judging is final, one of the winning entries has been determined to break any of the rules set forth for this challenge, prizes may be revoked by the sponsors.

The administration of the prizes is the sole responsibility of each sponsor.

The jury

Andreas Landgren

Andreas is one of the founders of TMRW, which is one of the fastest growing visualization companies in Scandinavia. Andreas began his career early in design and architecture, where the combination of digital graphics and architecture became the basis for a revolutionary approach.

Virginie Bourdin

Virginie Bourdin grew up in France between two worlds: one wild and artistic, the other entrepreneurial and pragmatic. Following studies in art and communication, she explored visual fields such as advertising and animation before dedicating herself to high-end VFX for Hollywood movies. At MPC London, a major post production house, Virginie created and managed the first film art department and was VFX Art Director and Head of Department for almost ten years. In 2015, she founded Art of Direction, which produces and supervises pre-production for major film clients such as CAPTAIN MARVEL AND JURASSIC WORLD. Additionally, she is now opening her wealth of experience to the fields of animation and architecture.

Nigel Hunt

Nigel a guru in architecture visualization. There are few areas that Nigel has not touched on in this field. As early as 1996, Nigel started his first studio, today he works as a consultant, mentor, director and image producer. Beyond all this, Nigel is also a co-founder of SiNi Software and 3Disciple Magazine.