D2 VIENNA 2023

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25 AUGUST – Workshop with RedVertex (included in ticket)

26-27 AUGUST – Main Conference



For two days each year (a normal year – remember those?), the D2 Vienna hosts one of the largest gatherings of architectural visualization artists in the world. Converging from over 50 countries worldwide, attendees from visualization studios, architecture offices, advertising agencies, and software companies come together to share knowledge and meet new faces in the industry.

After welcoming 530 enthusiastic attendees to the 2019 edition, we were gearing ourselves up for another big year in 2020. And we did have a big year, but not exactly the way we expected. Instead of welcoming all those lovely D2 attendees to Vienna, we greeted them through the Internet with a free online conference. Over 13,000 unique viewers joined us over the 5 day event and many more viewed it since then.

Fast forward to 2021, where we had to make the decision again to hold an online-only conference. We had another great time, but it was no replacement for the real thing, and honestly, we are starting to forget what that is like. The last two years have been quite a waiting game.

Well, the wait is over! We are very happy to once again welcome people to meet in real life in Vienna for the 2022 edition of the D2 Conference. For your safety and enjoyment, we will of course follow the most up to date rules and regulations stipulated by the city of Vienna and the Austrian government.

Check out the recap below from our last in-person event in 2019!

“It's huge. Everyone is nice. Fabio is funny. There's beer, and I got a beer for free before I hit the stage. Best conference yet!”

–Cornelius Dämmrich